Nearby Things To Do

Bonticou on Mohonk Preserve

Gertrude's Nose Minnewaska

Verkeerderkill Falls

Climbing Trapps Mohonk

Stonykill Falls

Sam's Point Preserve

Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center

Awosting Falls

Minnewaska State

Park Preserve

Wallkill River Rail Trail-Gardiner

Mohonk Mountain House Tower

Many great hiking trails

Farm Stands Galore!

Shawangunk Grasslands

Lippman Bike Park-Ellenville

Gardiner Brewing Co.

Main Street New Paltz

3rd & Co. Walker Valley

Lombardi's Restaurant

Hoot Owl Restaurant

Rough Cut Brewery

Shawangunk Wine Trail

Great Mexican Food Ellenville

Thruway Sports-Walden      #1 Outdoor Store

Sky Dive the Ranch-Gardiner

Arrowood Farms Brewery

    Great Breakfast & Lunch            


Angry Orchard Tasting 

Theatre in Ellenville

Thruway Liquor and Fine Wines-Walden

Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant

     Castle in Winter

Yard Owl Brewery Gardiner

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